Salvation in Jesus


Salvation in Jesus is a website that informs others about Christianity, and Jesus Christ. For more information please click the sub-fields above, or below this page to learn more about the sub-field.

The Jesus sub-field web page is a quick and very brief web page to help understand who the man named Jesus, Son of God, really is.

The Salvation sub-field web page is information page on how one can recieve salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ and be born into the Kingdom of Heaven today.

The Science sub-field web page is a quick information article that shows three examples of modern day science that was written in the Bible over one thousand years ago! At the end of the page there is a web link that will redirect you to another website that has many more examples and explanations of modern day science in the Bible.

The Sin sub-field web page is an explanation on what sin is, and the laws of the Judo-Christian God of Israel, Jesus Christ, expects us to follow today.

The Miracles of Jesus sub-field page is a directory listing all the miracles of Jesus Christ recorded in the Bible in Biblical order.

Is Jesus the Christ sub-field page is a page showing all the prophecies that Jesus Christ fulfilled in the New Testament that was predicted from the Old Testament.